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”Utegangaren”  on the other side of the earth.  The explanation is that Magnar lives and works  on the Seychelles Islands – west in the indian ocean.  He is a computer man – network things for the government.  Here he lives with his girlfriend Barbora – a czech girl.  She is teacher in economics in the International School.  Barbora likes animals and particular horses.


An Austrian brought in 2 Arabian horses for about ten years age.  It is from these two there now is 4 riding horses.  The Austrian was thrown out of the island on reason of missing working permission and Barbora was asked about taking care of the horses.  They were in very bad health condition and all the important and necessary needs as stable, paddocks and riding tracks where missing. 


After more than one year hard work – there is now 4 riding horses in god shape and a very exotic frame of condition.  



It is a stable for 9 horses and a paddock about  2 da

- and kilometres of ridingtracks and sand beaches



                        The stallion Taifoon,  the two mares and  Barbora on the horseback,





The nearly 2 years young gelding Monsoon has just started his riding carreer and got short distance on the beach.   Behind the beach is fine riding tracks in the palm- and cinnamon tree forest.





               The stallion Tyfoon is in good shape and like to gallop on the fine beaches.



 And this is the picture from the Christmas Card 2004

 from Barbora and Magnar

Look I’m running on the beach with mom

SOO BIIIIG in desember 2005